What days are the actual Tour?

How far do we ride each day?

Do we have to ride as a group?

What’s the weather like?

How many people on a tour?

What should I bring?

What if it's just me?

Sounds GREAT! - How do I make this happen for ME?

What kind of places do we stay?


What days are the actual Tour ?

Unless there are instructions to the contrary, you should plan on arriving in the gateway city by mid-day on the date listed as the start of the Tour. If you're coming from halfway around the world on a 24+ hour journey you may even want to get there the day before. On most tours we will use the afternoon of the "start day" to collect the rental bikes. Your lodging for the evening is included; Guided Motorcycle Tours include dinner with your traveling companions and Tour Staff. We begin riding the following morning. If you'd like to extend your stay either before or after the Tour Dates we'll be happy to make the arrangements for you or supply information for you to make them yourself.

The date listed as the "end" of the tour is the day on which you can make return travel plans to your home, leaving as early as you like. We will arrive in our ending city and return the rental bikes on the previous afternoon. A farewell dinner with your travel companions concludes your Tour and Accommodations for the final night included in your Tour Fee.

When we say "Eight Day Tour" (or any number), that is the number of days you can RIDE. Unless specifically stated otherwise, this is the case for ALL Great American Motorcycle Tours, Full-Service and Self-Drive. With some companies, an "eight day tour" may be only six (or even FIVE) days of actually riding. The method by which "days" are counted makes a big difference!


Do we have to ride as a group?

Guests are free to ride each day at their own pace, ride with the group leader, or a combination of both. You can stop as often as you like for photos, hiking, shopping or whatever. Each day we’ll provide maps and directions to our next overnight stay, including suggestions for stops and alternate routes. All we ask is that you be at our hotel by dinnertime. If you're delayed, please call ahead. There’s usually a couple of days on each tour where there's no change in overnight lodging, and you can take a day ride with your tour guide, explore on your own or take advantage of some of the other activities in the area.


How many people on a tour?

We keep our group sizes small - no more than twenty bikes plus tour staff. We want to keep our size manageable if we all ride together, but large enough that if several riders want to set off on their own there's no shortage of companionship. Of course, anyone is free to "get-away-from-US-all" while you get away from IT all.


What if it's just me?

Rates are "per person". You can share a room with another rider or a passenger. If necessary, we will try to find you a roommate. If we are able to match you with another rider you'll have the opportunity get acquainted by phone or email before the tour.

If you would like a private room for the tour, the cost is also listed. There is almost always one or more single riders on every tour, so please don't feel you won't fit in because you're not a "couple".


What kind of places do we stay?

We definitely get to some out-of-the-way locations, which is one of the best reasons we know for seeing America on two wheels. Most of the time you'll stay at locally owned establishments. We avoid chain hotels except when necessary due to group size and /or local availability of suitable accommodations. When you ride with us you can be confident that your accommodations and meals will be "consistently unique", and the only surprises will be good ones. More information in "What's Included?"


What’s the weather like?

Our tours are planned during times which should bring ideal motorcycling weather to the regions we are visiting. However, temperatures can vary significantly due to both elevation and geography. Summer months may see temperatures as high as the 90's (30C) or even over 100F (38C), but it may be much cooler at high elevation or northern regions. Although highly unusual, our widest 24-hour temperature range was from 36F to 118F. (2C to 47C)

Frost is a possibility in the early morning at higher elevations almost all year round, so plan on dressing accordingly. Your best bet is to be prepared with layers that can be added or removed as conditions change. Unless there is actual DANGER, we will be riding in whatever weather conditions we encounter, so raingear and other articles of protective clothing may be needed.


How far do we ride each day?

One thing to keep in mind is that these are motorcycle RIDING tours, and we don’t just cruise a little bit each day so we can sit around at the next hotel. Our longest days are 250-300 miles (402-482km), but most are 250 miles (402km) or less. Our riding time is largely independent of mileage; we typically start around 8:00 AM and finish between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. When staying two nights at one place, you can ride as little or as much as you like on the "off" day. We avoid the interstates so you can experience some of the best motorcycle roads in the US and take in spectacular scenery all day long, every day you spend with us. On some days there's a "shortcut" option, and there's often a "longcut' as well, in case anyone just can't get enough riding.


What should I bring?

The main thing is a spirit of adventure, and a willingness to have fun meeting new people. You’ll probably want your own helmet and gloves (although helmets are available at no charge if you are renting a bike) and riding gear, such as jacket, pants and rainsuit. Casual dress after the ride is fine, as we usually spend at least one or two nights at places where you may want to have some "non-biker" clothes. Definitely no need for jackets, ties or dresses unless you have fancy plans for before or after the tour or you just LIKE to get dressed up. Since luggage for a whole group of people does tend to take up significant space, please limit your luggage to two bags per person, plus your riding clothes. Our our support van and trailer will take care of getting it all from place to place each day for you.

Click Here for a more detailed listing of what to bring.


How do I make this happen for ME?

Your next step is to take a look at our Reservations page. Many of the more detailed questions you may have about our tours and procedures will be answered there. If you need to know more, give us a call or send us an email. We try to make the whole process as laid-back and flexible as possible... just like our tours.



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