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People think of America as being crowded. The fact is, when you get more than an hour outside of just about any major city, most of the US is not crowded at all. In fact, sometimes you have to really look for any sign of civilization. You'll find your senses becoming tuned, you'll see, hear and smell more acutely, and it feels GREAT!

The attitudes, customs, language, and personality of the land and its people form a rich fabric of diversity as one moves across the land. You'll see that tapestry changing before your eyes as you travel from West to East. Even the light is different!

Our journey begins in Los Angeles and covers about 5,200 miles (8,320 km) to Washington, DC and includes fourteen states and the District of Columbia. By the numbers, the average riding distance per day is about 217 miles (348 km), but there's some days of around 300 miles (482 km). We'll have a "day off" and spend two consecutive nights at one hotel every 5-6 days to give us a chance to relax and take in the attractions. And there WILL be a few days when we will take to the the interstates to cover some serious ground for the day. On these days our miles may

Riders who have had the unique experience of touring by motorcycle the "Great American" Way can tell you this will be truly the Ultimate Ride! Every year we get inquiries from riders from outside the US asking about a ride from Coast to Coast, but it's also surprising how many Americans have expressed an interest in this tour. It's the most ambitious trip we've ever offered, and we're excited about the chance to explore so much of the US on one journey.

Coast to Coast is a BIG ride, no matter how you measure. Taking the most direct way, it's over 3,000 miles (4,828 km) - of mostly interstate. No fun at all. We believe the journey is more important than the destination and one must be immersed in the journey to fully enjoy the surroundings. So... we've planned an absolutely intriguing route from west to east. sequoia1

"Blue Highways" was a book written by William Least Heat Moon as he explored America in the early 1980's. On most maps, (remember the paper ones?) the main roads - interstate highways and major arteries of commerce and humanity - are red. The secondary and tertiary roads are blue... and they are what must be experienced to truly see America. It's amazing when you get off the highways.




21 Ride Days

Guided Tour • Sept. 8 - 30, 2017  •  Sept 7 - 29, 2018

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Road Trip Auto

2017 Dates

Sep 8 - 30, 2017

May - October

April - November

2018 Dates

Sep 7 - 29, 2018

May - October

April - November

Start / End City

Los Angeles / Washington DC

Los Angeles / Washington DC
(Can be Reversed)


23 Days, 22 Nights / 21 Riding Days (or Driving)

Approximate Distance

5,000 miles / 8,046 km

Meals Included

19 Brkfst, 4 Dinner



2017 FEES (US$)
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Road Trip Auto

1 Bike / 2 Riders / 1 Room

$8,495 / person

$5,995 / person


2 Bikes / 2 Riders / 1 Room

$10,950 / person

$8,395/ person


1 Bike / 1 Rider / 1 Room

$12,995 / person

$10,795 / person


1 or 2 People / 1 Room




There may be extra charges for 2+ people
per room

* Surcharges may apply for Self-Guided Tours scheduled during Special Events (Major Rallies, etc)

be 350-400 miles (563-643km).

The first leg of our journey takes us through the Golden State - California. The variety we'll discover rivals anything in the US, from the spectacular beauty of the Pacific Coast to the rich farmland of the interior.

We continue eastward to Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, catching the longest remaining segment of the original Route 66 along the way. From there we roll on to Monument Valley, backdrop to countless western movie classics. In Durango, Colorado we begin our climb to over 12,000 ft (3,657) on the San Juan Skyway to Ouray and Ridgway. In September we're likely to see snow on the distant peaks - either the last of the previous winter's accumulation or a fresh dusting of new powder at over 14,000 ft. (4,267m). We'll ride "Twisty 92" along the Black Canyon of the Gunnison to Highway 50, which carries us throught the heart of Colorado and into Kansas. Long a leader in US agriculture, 88% of the state's land is producing crops and livestock to feed America and the world. Small cities, villages, and farms embed themselves in the earth, and the people cling just as tightly. The land, and the life it supports, defines the hardworking

people who make it their home.

Just down the road we've got a surprise for you! Unknown and under-appreciated, Arkansas has rolling mountains, sparkling lakes and endless forests - and some of the best motorcycle roads in the US! You'll have an extra day to relax and explore before we depart for points east. We cross the Mississippi River in Memphis, home of Elvis Presley's Graceland and some of the finest barbeque you'll find. We'll have a chance to ride the world famous Tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap and enjoy the autumn colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway through Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia.

We'll spend our final night on the coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia before turning in the horses just outside Washington DC. Too soon, our adventure draws to a close, and we bid farewell until the next journey. If you'd like to extend your stay to tour the Capital City of the USA we can held with arrangements.